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After assessing your skills and abilities, it is time to explore the world of jobs. Exploration takes your self-assessment a step further, helping you narrow down the possibilities and orient yourself toward a particular career.

Career exploration is an important step, as by exploring the world of work, you will be able to identify occupations and jobs that best fit your skills, interests, values, and personality. 

“Mehnati” offers videos that describe a variety of technical careers, explain career paths, offer possible options, and guide you through the decision-making process. In addition, you can go further and do the following:

Talk to professionals who work in jobs that interest you.

As a student, conduct interviews with employers, where you ask them questions and receive tips for entering the career field.

Practice job shadowing, a way of observing professionals at work or accompanying them like their shadows. Sometimes it only lasts an hour or two, and at other times it can last a day or more.

Participate in the activities organized by vocational and technical schools and universities on the specializations they have.

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